Les armes de contrôle mental..Appel de Swetlana Schunin.Allemagne(anglais)

_ La " torture à domicile " et le contrôle mental _ Témoignage et appel de Swetlana Schunin. Allemagne _


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The interview for the journalists and television


   My name is Swetlana Schunin and I am a German citizen as well as co-organizer and President of the Association Against the Abuse of Psycho-physical Weapons. In 1993 we came over to Germany from Russia in order to lead a normal way of life. Being a teacher, I have worked my whole life teaching children. Since however, living in Germany, we have been constantly terrorised and tormented by some unknown criminals. They have tried to murder us and our children several times by causing car accidents and by creating other dangerous situations. I myself, have even survived an attempt of murder and a raid in our apartment.


   In 2006 the European victims of electronic terror, decided to found the "Association Against the Abuse of Psycho-physical Weapons". The problem we are concerned with here, deals with the covert crimes committed against innocent people in Germany, in Europe, and in many other countries of the world. Experiments are taking place using psycho-physical weapons which are being implemented without the consent of the people. An immense number of information has already accumulated, which confirms that concealed military-medical experiments on peaceful citizens have been carried out over many decades.


   The victims of these atrocious experiments and their families are forced to live under the worst conditions of psycho-physical and social terror in spite of being law-abiding and conscientious citizens. These weapons are of dreadful effectiveness and endanger the lives of the entire population of our planet . Apart from causing physical damage and great pain to human subjects and to animals, secret manipulation in controlling the mind, the thoughts and behaviour are also being implemented. With these means, dissidents and politically interested people can easily be murdered without any kind of detection because these psycho-physical weapons have such an impact on the mind which can eventually lead to death.


   The homes of victims are transformed secretly into drill-grounds for these weapons. In order to prevent any traces of their presence, the Secret Services usually perform their experiments from a distance. We have reports, concerning the relatives of some of the victims, who dared to address the courts with complaints, and have thus been killed themselves with the same weapons. There are an uncountable number of witnesses, who are able to submit evidence about their own torture by radiation. Victims of such experiments, are discredited in the family, neighbourhood and at work, eventually losing their jobs and subsequently declared mentally ill. According to instructions by the Secret Services, all the people who complain about these military-medical experiments, are locked away in a psychiatric institutions. This happened to Arina Droshinowa, who was admitted to a psychiatric clinic in Gehlsdorf , Rostock 2 months ago and she has still not yet been released. She was threatened by the psychiatrist Dr. Habermeier, to sign a paper, allowing medical treatment to commence and that if she refused, electric shock therapy would be applied. All rights of the victims are diminished and they are subjected to special care, their children are even taken away from them. Their families are destroyed and eventually they lose their homes and become very poor. Other examples are Jaqueline Saali from Berlin and Christa Bauer from Regensburg. These two German mothers have been fighting against this crime against humanity for years.


   The injuries caused by radiation are kept secret by the medical institutions of the state and the examination results are altered deliberately because a large amount of medical institutions are under control of the Secret Services in many countries. The police and the public prosecutors are prohibited to investigate the injuries and hence, they are not exposed, meaning that victims have no possibility to obtain any forensic examinations.


   The media are not allowed to report about the psycho-physical radiations of the population. The European High Court for Human Rights and UN Courts have been informed about these crimes, but we have as jet received no reply. Various reports submitted to government representatives of our homeland were all in vain . All of our efforts have been completely ignored!


   Psychophysical weapons are weapons which can have an effect on the mind and body enabling change of thoughts, feelings and behaviour. These are effected by radiation from low and high frequencies in pulsed electromagnetic fields, as well as by the use of acoustic ultrasound and infra red waves. A description of this is documented in the Russian law on weapons from 2001 by the Russian scientists Lopatin and Gurow. After a frank interview with Boris Ratnikow, the former general - major of the committee for state security, all doubt about the existence of these weapons disappeared. . Boris Ratnikow has said that in 10 years these psycho-tronic weapons will be more dangerous than nuclear weapons because they enable millions of people to be mind controlled – similar to "robots". These psycho-physical weapons were created to be used on the battle ground, not only slaving the opponent but destroying their own people. The use of psycho-physical weapons leads to complete slavery of populations. People are transformed into well-behaved bio-robots which leads to complete physical destruction. So-called Psichotron-Matrjoschka exists according to opinion of W. M. Kandyba from some different personalities. With the change-over of one on the other personality the manners change.

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   Russian scientist W. N.Anissimow states that psychophysical weapons can kill from a distance, produce or cause any chronic disease, turn people into criminals or make them insane and irresponsible, make them fall down on the ground or stumble,cause flight, railroad or car disasters in a few seconds, cause any climate upheavals, damage devices .
These weapons can harm the psyche, damage the movement-coordination and the muscle tones, change the functions of the organism's various systems . They can control people, manipulate any biological object and change the view of life of the population. With a continuous psychophysical process they can secretly control people and also the behavior of any groups and of the whole society . The victims of the special experiments can be gifted people, soldiers and officers, athletes, prisoners, and both psychologically ill and totally healthy people. The hunt for victims is taking place in both cities and small places.

   There are three stages in the psychoprogramming. The first stage is braincontrol, the second stage refers to the control of the targeted individual's psychophysical activity and the third stage concerns the destruction of the targeted individual. The main rivals and competitors in the development and in the control of mindcontrol newest technologies were and still are the USA and Russia. Some examples of such experiments were the following mindcontrol projects: MK ULTRA, MKDELTA, MKNAOMI, MKSEARCH, BLUE BIRD, ARTISCHOCK and others conducted by the CIA, with the use of drugs,electronic and electric shocks, and also the short frequencies and oscillations of superhigh frequencies and high frequencies. Doctor José Delgado had a special contribution in these secret projects by developing the different stimulators: love-hate, sympathy-antisympathy. The aim of such experiments is to realize the possibilty of controlling people's behavior. If the radiation is directly aimed at the person from a short distance, it is possible to control and destroy his willpower completely.
Who has these weapons?

   At that time Helen Blinnikowa-Wyazemskaya reported that "the preprogramming-methods , the psyche and mindcontrol were carried out for military purposes in the USA, France, Germany, Israel, England and China and in other countries." In Germany such investigations are carried out at the universities of Bonn and Freiburg. In Great Britain the same kind of investigations is being carried out at London University, in the lab of the psychological studies of Cambridge University . Now the most efficient technologies are used not only in the arsenal of the military forces in the USA, Great Britain and France.

   American scientific doctor Nick Begich wrote: "New technologies have been developed, it is possible with the help of acoustics or the electric stimulation of the brain to control the behaviour of a person, to manipulate his behaviour and even his thoughts with good or bad intentions.

   The English author and also a victim of psychophysical experiments Jim Keith has written a book "Mass control – Engineering human consciousness" in which he has described how it is possible to control the mind of a whole mass of people from a distance. Jim Keith further wrote : " The technologies with whose help, emotions, communications and subliminal orders were directly sent to the brain of the targeted people were in the arsenal of American and Soviet governments. "

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   The Russian scientific professor and victim Vassily Lensky reports that any citizen is continuously monitored by the Secret Services according to a torture-pattern, because he or she has been put down without any reason on a destruction list (there exist about 30 million of them in Russia).

   An extremely wide net of murderers has been set up to carry out the victims' torture. It is a gigantic army about which nothing has ever been published in the newspapers and only few people have heard about it. Doctors have been criminally involved for a long time. The whole judicial system is corrupt and only serves the culprits. The culprits' misdeeds and terrorism are even covered up by the International Court for Human Rights and the International Criminal Court.

   In these last hours of the history of crime and criminal aggressions all borders have been crossed. The history of mankind has never known such barbarity ! There never have been "criminalized victims " nor " Manchurian candidates ".

   We must have a good knowledge of killing sprees'phenomenon, in order to subject the new "clean weapons" to a close scrutiny.
Only in this way it is possible to see the real reasons for events such as the Erfurt case seven years ago, the recent cases in Winnenden in Germany, in America, in the Belgian childrengarden, and the other crimes of all kinds possibly staged by the Secret Services. The responsibility for these crimes and for terrorism are assumed by NATO and the secret services together with the organized crime, masons and sects.
   We,the victims of non-lethal weapons want the secret services and military forces to get their dirty hands off the highly dangerous experiments carried out on us, on our partners, our children and grandchildren!

   We can no longer accept that psychomurderers control and destroy the population with unethical, immoral and often deadly experiments.
The situation is comparable with the Third Reich, now the same is taking place, but with high tech weapons on a worldwide scale. This possible genocide of a new kind has no right to exist. The culprits must be brought to the international court of law to face up to their responsibilities!

   Our association is now seriously looking into the preparation of a law on psychophysical weapons. Europe urgently needs a law which forbids unlawful use of all kinds of psychophysical weapons on human beings on one hand, and on the other hand a real authority for the control of the Secret Services, and a control of research and science. But victims will never have the protection of the law to be able to sue for offences like physical injury or deprivation of freedom . Together with German and European victims, our association requests from the Council of Europe and the European Court of law that a commission be founded for the investigation into this crime and genocide both on the European and international levels to expose and punish all the criminal organisations and all the culprits.

   Therefore, we ask all reasonable people of this planet to support us and help us to solve this global problem. We must do this for our children and for the future generation!

   We demand that our leaders,the politicians and the media open their eyes and support us. It is not too late to pull the emergency brake.
   We also request German and international journalists to help the victims to break the wall of silence on psychophysical crimes .We all shoulder the entire responsibility for it.
   Those who protect the criminals and hide the truth are indirectly accomplices and culprits.

„Association against the abuse of psychophysical weapons inc."in Germany/ Stutensee,

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